We are ready to go! The entire manuscript is complete and in the hands of our Chechen publisher!

The Power of Goodness Project was awarded $80,000 from the United States Institute of Peace which received 518 applications and made only 25 awards!

Unfortunately printing prices in Chechnya have rocketed. There is sufficient funding from the USIP grant to produce about 3,500 copies. However, there is a need for a minimum of between 4,500 and 6,000 copies throughout the Chechen school system. An additional $7,000 will allow 4,500 copies to be printed and distributed.

May you feel led, as others have, to help further the Power of Goodness Project. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. (See section on “Lend a Helping Hand” for additional information).

Front CoverThe Friends International Library committee is happy to tell F/friends about an exciting international event directed towards youth of the world – the publication of Power of Goodness: Stories of Nonviolence and Reconciliation.

This multi-language book of stories showing love and kindness in action grew out of a wish to help children of the world learn the ways of peace. Our vision is that young readers of Power of Goodness will be inspired to act with courage and to bring good into the lives around them.

After the success of the Russian version and the first edition of the Chechen version of Power of Goodness, the Friends International Library committee partnered with Peacebuilding UK to expand the project. Together, we are presently developing a teacher’s manual to accompany the book. Workshops focused on using the story collection and manual as a resource will be conducted for Chechen teachers by Chechen psychologists from Peacebuilding UK who are experienced in facilitating workshops focusing on peace education and human rights. All participating teachers will have enough donated copies of the second Chechen edition of Power of Goodness for their prospective school communities.

The Power of Goodness project is an ongoing creation of the Friends International Library. People from Chechnya, Russia, Britain, Canada and the United States work on this project.

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution.